This range of ferments suitable for vegans will allow you to make nut or vegetable cheeses, ensuring a correct fermentation and providing flavors reminiscent of traditional cheeses.

Soy cheese - classic tofu cheese on a wooden board on the kitchen table.

Vegan Cheese Recipe

We soak the cashews/dried fruit for 4-8h depending on the size of the cashew (pieces, whole...). Using split cashews it takes about 4 hours.

When this time has passed, we strain them with water and clean them well until the water comes out clean, as the cashew nut produces a slightly grayish water.

We put them in a powerful grinder and together with filtered water we make a very fine dough.

We put the vegan ferments and mix well.

We leave in a container to ferment at room temperature between 24-48h depending on the temperature. In summer less than 24h, in winter almost 48h.

When it is fermented, put it back in the grinder and add all the ingredients of the cheese we want to make.

Then we mold them all and put them in the cheese dryer refrigerator between 2-4 degrees. We move them from time to time so that they can dry uniformly. And depending on the cheese it will take more or less, between 15-45 days.